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Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Day of School

Ok, so I was planning to wait a bit longer to get started, actually; like until after the job I know I will no longer have is actually over. But, my preschooler had her own plan and raided my room this morning to grab her activity bags.
Today she chose: Pom-Pom Stuff it In and...
Egg Carton Sort
First, she played with Egg Carton Sort while Junebug played with the pom-poms.
First, of course, all the eggs had to be pulled out and opened. (Sorry for the wonky "shorts" in this picture. We're still potty-training and it wasn't until about halfway through I could convince Ladybug to put her pants back on.)
Then all the animals had to be shoved in one egg together.
Then the eggs were closed up and color-matched to their cups.
And then re-opened and scattered.
Meanwhile, Junebug was having a blast with the pom-poms.
Ladybug decided to experiment with matching the animals to the color cups.
And then piled eggs on top of the animals just to see if it all would fit.
Then she was ready for a turn with the pom-poms, so it was clean up time for the eggs.
And now she could play with the pom-poms!
I'm actually surprised she liked this one. I added it to her stack of bags thinking it would probably be the one I would haul out to occupy Junebug while Ladybug and I worked on something else, but she really enjoys this one and asked to do it over again several times.

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