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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Baby Friendly Sensory Squish Bag

Today Ladybug and I put together a sensory squish bag for Junebug to play with while Ladybug and I work on her preschool activities. Not that she didn't have enough toys already; but I thought this might add something a little special and excite her senses. Here's what you need:
Some kind of translucent goo. I used Johnson's baby wash and shampoo, mainly because I had about a dozen of them lying around, but also because it has a nice scent that you can still smell through the plastic of the bag, and the more you squish it the bubblier it gets. You can also use hair gel, shampoo, or any other kind of clear-ish gooey liquid. If it's completely clear, feel free to add food coloring for extra fun. You also need a ziploc bag, some packing tape (or duct tape), some small toys and other items (nothing sharp or poky that will tear the bag), and of course, GLITTER.
First thing, tape the sides and bottom of the bag. The seams are the weakest point on the bag, so reinforcing them this way will make it that much less likely that you'll get a mess all over your floor. Of course, there's only so much safeguarding that can be done when little ones are involved!
Next, dump a generous amount of your goo into the bag. I wound up with about 3 inches of shampoo in the bottom of the bag, and it could certainly have used a bit more.
Then, add your toys and glitter. I like LOTS of glitter.
Finally, tape the top shut. I did a double layer of tape all the way around just to be sure.
That's it! A sensory experience.
Junebug loved it, and even Ladybug thought it felt interesting squishing under her bare feet. And if it DOES break open, it's soap!

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